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Our Business Recovery Service -
double your bookings with your own Niche Marketing Key

Much of the information on this site is so commercially sensitive that it has been 'locked' to avoid access by competitors within my own trading area.

You will probably have landed on this page by means of a targeted mailing to businesses outside my area, to whom I am able to offer marketing know-how without increasing my own competition.

To read any of the locked pages on how I doubled bookings at my hotel, Craig y Nos Castle, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. You will be sent a password which together with the user name you have already been emailed, will give you access to the locked pages. Learn how I doubled bookings over 12 months.


If I were to look at your hotel, right now, and find a Niche Market that would unlock significant levels of new income and customers for you - doubling or tripling what you are earning now - what would you pay to find your very own Marketing Key?  10% - 20% of the increased turnover? 50%?

I know if someone had offered me 30 extra units of business worth £10k each, two years ago, I would have been more than happy to pay 20% to whoever bought me this extra income. That's 20% of £300,000: £60,000.

Yet using a previously undiscovered Marketing Key I unlocked £300,000 extra income over just one year. It took time thinking up the offer and designing the site, but in terms of financial cost, just £12k or so annually. A £12k marketing strategy that unlocked an extra £300k over the previous year!

Now my sites help generate £750,000 income a year for my hotel. For obvious reasons exactly how I achieved this can only be shown to selected hoteliers outside my area. I know I could take a look at what you are doing now, and I'd probably find a Business or Marketing Key you're missing out on.  

Check out this site in more detail to see how the Marketing Keys I used in my hotel could transform yours. What if you could identify just one offer you can apply to your business, right now - a Marketing Key that adds 20%, or 50%, 100% or more to your turnover and profit, starting now?

What if, with some marketing assistance from someone who has 'been there and done it', you could enjoy a substantial increase in bookings starting right now (well, realistically speaking, within a month or so)?  

Complete the form below and read how you could unlock tens of thousands of pounds, hundreds of thousands even, in your hotel. Read all about the marketing techniques that work so very well in my own hotel in the Brecon Beacons.

Niche Offer Website on Weddings generates £300,000 worth of extra wedding bookings within one year.

Marketing Key Cost: £12,000 a year. Gross income £750,000.


Niche Offer Website on Dog Friendly B&B in Wales becomes number one 'organically' in Google (or on first page for most related searches).

This niche marketing approach aimed at dog owners generates useful midweek two and three night dog friendly B&B breaks at times when we would otherwise have few bookings.

Marketing Key Cost: Circa £8,000 a year. Gross income circa £50,000.


If I do not feel I can increase your bookings by at least £50,000, I will not take up any more of your time. But if I do feel I can increase your bookings by over £50k, I will provide you with a personal guarantee that I will achieve this for you. Read all about my business recovery service here.

n one decade the budget hotel sector has grown from 3% of total room capacity (2000) to 18% (2010). Budget hotels will account for 25% of all UK hotel bed capacity by 2016.
-  Source:  

Budget chain hotels’ success is largely down to the recession and comes at the expense of independent hotels, sole proprietor B&Bs and guesthouses, and 4-5 star hotels keen to offer a more individual service and personal hospitality. Cheap deals are encouraging guests to base their decisions where to stay purely on price.

To survive, independent Hotels must devise innovative marketing solutions and unique niche packaged offers that set them apart from the crowd. The Independent Hotelier must give guests greater value for money without destroying margins, sell on 'value' not on 'price', and offer what guests are actually looking for.


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